Bon Accord, Glasgow

Cheap short term car insurance site  is not Glasgow's only claim to fame, it also has its fair share of decent pubs, but if you are looking for a friendly environment with a huge selection of real ale, Bon Accord is the place for you. Easy to reach for both locals and tourists, the pub has a small-town feel with big-town variety.

Take a break on your next trip to Glasgow and enjoy a good pint in pleasant, friendly surroundings. Bon Accord has it all.

Variety and tradition

There was a time when getting a decent pint was difficult but Bon Accord was at the front of the real ale resurgence in the 1970s. As our thirst for the good stuff grew, so did Bon Accord's roster of fantastic ales.

Known by savvy drinkers as the best place in Glasgow to get a decent beer, Bon Accord keeps around ten ales on tap per night and regularly changes them to keep things fresh and interesting.

If that's not your style you can opt for the whisky selection which is good enough to attract the Glasgow Malt Whisky Club. The pub features both drinks on their Twitter feed daily, giving the discerning drinker a new reason to pop in for a sip.

Good food, excellent atmosphere

If you want something to soak up the beer or whisky you would do well to sample some of Bon Accord's menu. Traditional pub food is plentiful but it is surprisingly rare that a modern, busy place gets it right.

Pub grub needs to be sturdy and satisfying, such as Bon Accord's Full English with all the trimmings. You can satisfying your cravings with a hearty meal as you enjoy the pleasant company and delicious drink. Though it can get busy at Bon Accord, the popularity comes for a reason. There are few pubs in the country that have the best alcohol on tap and decent food to accompany it. Even fewer attract people from all over the place looking for the pub recommended to them.

As national winner of the Independent Pub Category Award 2015 for Best Bar None: Scotland, this is a pub with awards to back up its reputation.

A pub to remember

Remember that time you last went into a pub and felt right at home? Whether you're local or just off the train for a visit to Glasgow, you'll be welcome at Bon Accord.

It's the kind of place with a long tradition of regulars and a large amount of newcomers, but as every drinkers knows, that mix makes for the best atmosphere. No matter why you visit there will be something for you, whether you prefer real ale, whisky, or wine.

Real ale is as popular now as it has ever been but there are few places that do it as well as Bon Accord. The main difficulty is walking out of there vertical when you have such a fantastic variety to choose from. No matter whether you visit for a satisfying drink or a hearty meal, Bon Accord is the type of place you will never forget.

The Changing Face Of The British Hospitality Industry

The Covid epidemic brought many UK pubs to their knees. For many years their numbers had been in decline; not helped by changing habits of younger people, who seem to prefer communicating online to meeting in real life; increased moves to stamp out drink driving; and the smoking ban. Whilst the last two effects are been broadly beneficial their effect has been bad for pubs in general and country ones in particular. Enforced closures because of the epidemic has been the last straw for many of them.

Restaurants, Takeaways and Fast Food Deliveries

Food takeaways were ordered to either close completely or just exist on making home deliveries. Fast food couriers on scooters, complete with special fast food delivery driver insurance, increased dramatically in number and many people who could no longer go out to buy a pizza or burger got used to picking up the phone or ordering them online. It kept many fast food outlets in business but the costs were heavy; delivery drivers were usually controllwed by large companies such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats who charge substantial fees that came straight out of profits.

To make things worse the habit of ordering a takeaway has stuck with many customers. There is a lot more profit in selling hot fast food over the counter than paying for a contract for a delivery company, then another fee for the delivery driver and a lot of these outlets are finding that they are ending up with a lot less money than before.

The restaurant trade was also badly hit. Their numbers had been declining before Covid arrived on the scene but again the enforced lockdowns caused huge problems. Overheads still had to be paid, food stock deteriorated, and business interuption insurance, for many, proved to be worthless.

A lot did survive by, again, arranging home deliveries but that didn't produce anything like the profits they were making from sit-down diners who would order high profit-margin drinks, extra courses, and coffee as well as their meal. In the meanwhile many of these diners realised that they could have a night at home eating the restaurant food they loved, but drinking decent wine at a low price from their local supermarket, and with no transport problems, meaning that they were able to forget about taxi expenses or the need for a non-drinking driver.

Again, this habit has stuck with many. A family night out at a restaurant may become fashionable again in the future but in the meanwhile, sadly, a lot of restaurants are going to go through a hard time.